Market Focus : Deep knowledge and strong fundamentals

We invest in markets with sustainable growth potential, then leverage our sector expertise and global network to make the company grow further.

Long-term perspective

Our focus remains on the long-term best interests of our portfolio companies and our partners. We understand that success does not happen overnight: its takes times, hard-work and vision.

Committed value added partner

Contribution is key to us. BDG has developed a robust approach that allows us to build collaborative and successful relationships with strategic investors and the management teams of portfolio companies. We invest in businesses that we can contribute to and where we can be a value-added business partner.

Building great companies

Our approach to create long-term value :

Defining ambitious business plan

With our partners, we develop business plans that lay out a clear path to long-term value creation through various initiatives including organic growth and strategic acquisitions or partnerships.

Investing in resources

We invest in finding the right talent for the right role in order to execute the business plan.

We set up a solid capital structure and invest in assets in order to support the companies’ growth.

Pursuing operational excellence

We maximize value by continuously improving processes across the whole spectrum of the business’ operations.


We aim to create value by investing in great businesses where our capital, strategic insight, global relationships and operational support can build and reinforce lasting value in the businesses.

Enterprise value

10 to 75 million


Primarily focus on manufacturing or distribution companies


Majority positions